Anonymous asked: just a little peek. leave me wanting more.

you have been sending me anons about my dick for two days please chill

*makes popcorn alone at home* *leaves the room* *popcorn pops* the fuck is all that noise

*bill nye voice* science rules!

the normal heart if you wanna feel terrible or la haine if you don’t mind subtitles

i actually enjoy subtitles believe it or not there a was a time in my life where i watched nothing but asian horror films but yeah

subs over dubs always

i need movie suggestions pls quick help


3 am


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i smoked weed on accident n i start work in 17 minutes


i say cute a lot but just imagine me saying it really tough like i just returned home from war also no homo

Anonymous asked: Post more pictures of yourself. Post more funny stories that happen through your day. I love seeing your name pop up and see something you personally put next to it

this is so cute here is a picture of me reading this message: