Fernando Cabral featured in the MENSWEAR: Opening Ceremony Fall/Winter 2014 Lookbook

Opening Ceremony's continued to slaughter the game with its latest mens lookbook shot by HART+LËSHKINA sees minimal, clean and progressive art direction with spot on styling.

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metapod can you not reblog pictures of deceased people with tags like ‘hes so ugly’ ‘hahahha’ it’s disrespectful and you’re an asshole for doing so thank you


Alexander McQueen with his beloved dogs at the end of his all-time favorite runway show ‘No. 13’ S/S 1999

lnr-hllr asked: ur avatar (?) is my cover photo on fb!! coolB^]


Anonymous asked: are you currently studying anything?

i’m almost done w school and i’ll have my degree in visual communications idk what i’m doing with it but it’s a start..

Anonymous asked: People have complained about those 917 numbers being scams and wouldn't stop calling them so make sure you block them after you mess with them cause they might actually start calling you!

i figured out its actually my friend kayna who moved to NYC two years ago to intern at j. mendel she was so good though she’s paid now and ilove ha

cats are only cool if they have dog temperaments

quiche is such a versatile and under appreciated egg food #justiceforquiche

i thjnk i love ello and i have no idea why

“1, 2, 3” Original song written and recorded by Aleide for Saint Laurent

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Anonymous asked: whats is a hunty?

hunty please….