Fuck Ass People at Leaning Tower, 2014

iPhone 5

i love this

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Kerry Skarbakka

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slow feat. rochelle jordan - cyril hahn


My name is JP and i don’t like to front / But ya girl knows i’m gay and she still wants me in her [AIRHORN]

this is the only thing in my tagged/about

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ok is yourname jp or sean or what is it ! also you reblogged one of my photosets and like 3 people (irl) texted me pics of me so it’s your fault my life is ruined BUT youre so cool what do you even do besides be an eyebrow model i s2G that they could bring america out of it’s miserable debt and heal the sick and bring homes to the homeless *mother theresa voice* god bless us all

the lie? show me?

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jai paul - str8 outta mumbai

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Frau Magazine
Photographer: Mika Ninagawa
Model: Devon Aoki

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mike lowkey makes me hate myself i’m ust bein hoenst

Anonymous asked: thin, charismatic, tolerable and interesting. easily recognized by eyebrows.

TOLERABLE omg the shade…….


Write in my ask how you’d describe me to somebody who’s never met me

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much better

there was a blog dedicated to my brows i mean it still exists but it hasn’t been updated in 2 years